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Dr. Enrique Fernandéz San José

I welcome you to my website where you can find information about treatments that are performed in my practice.
With an experience of more than 35 years of practice, I have a single goal that is the recovery and well-being of your health.

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Dr. Enrique Fernandéz San José

Bachelor in medicine and surgery

The services I offer in my practice are:

  • Homeopathic medicine
  • Systemic diagnosis
  • Anti-smoking treatment


Curriculum Vitae

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of the Basque Country (Spain).
  • Since 1984 I am dedicated to the practice of Homeopathic Medicine. Currently I'm consulting in Granada, Spain.
  • Since 1994, I have performed anti-smoking treatment in the practice.
  • Diploma in Homeopathy by the Spanish Medical Association of Homeopathy and Biotherapy (Spain).
  • Associated to the Faculty of Homeopathy. Londres
  • Diploma in Homeopathy for the "Homeopathie Post-Universitaire" (Geneva) H.P.U.
  • Diploma in Homo-toxicology (España)
  • Founder and Ex-President of the Collegiate Section of Homeopathy of the Official College of Physicians of Vizcaya.
  • Coordinator of Studies of Improvement of the Association "Homeoform".
  • Secretary General of the Association "Homeoform”.
  • Assistant Professor of Homeopathy of "Homeopathie Post-Universitaire" (Spain).
  • Assistant Professor of Homeopathy of the "Homeoform Association" (Spain).


Systemic diagnosis

The advances in electronics and electromagnetic medicine make possible the diagnosis and treatment of multiple problems that until now had no viable and lasting solution.

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Therapeutic technique based on a complete and rigorous clinical observation that leads to the prescription of homeopathic medicines whose indications come from a pharmacology based on an experimental observation that is the similarity.

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Anti-smoking treatment

After quitting many people for more than 35 years of experience, including myself, smoking cessation is summarized in a single decision: do I want or do not want to stop smoking?

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Problems of coexistence by jealousy, fears, agitation, passivity, lack of concentration, failures in studies, prolonged sadness ...

Problems of colds, asthma, atopy, etc. in babies, children, adolescents and adults.

Research and treatment of the primary cause of depression. Treatment of prolonged sadness.

Treatments to alleviate the toxic side effects of chemotherapy and cytostatic treatments.

Drainage and detoxification treatments of the organism.

Research and treatment of what is the primary cause of the trigger of physical or emotional alterations.

The concept of homeopathy was developed by Samuel Christian Hahnemann in 1808, a German physician and chemist. The term homeopathy comes from the Greek hómeos (similar) and páthos (disease).

That is why it is considered that it was the first medical system that tried to systematically evidence the effects of each substance in the organism.  (White Book of Homeopathy 2013).


The phenomenon of similarity is observed in many areas, including in certain conventional medicines. It is based on the fact that the same substance can have different or opposite effects depending on the dose used and the sensitivity of the subject. This fact was described by Hippocrates, reformulated by Paracelsus and proved by Hahnemann thus giving rise to one of the principles of homeopathy. By way of example, we can mention the studies carried out with Coffea 30 CH to relieve insomnia (Sleep Med 2011) or 15-CH acetylsalicylic acid to antagonize the antithrombotic effect of aspirin (Thromb Res. 1998). (Decalogue on Homeopathy of SEMERGEN, 2015)

Systemic diagnosis

Systemic diagnosis is the collection of information on the state of the entire organism, through electromagnetic frequencies by Bioresonance.

The state of all organs and systems, their functionality and their alterations for correcting and restoring balance is diagnosed simply and effectively.

Diagnosis and Treatment Food intolerances. Intolerance to milk, wheat, lactose, additives, and all kinds of foods. Intolerance to gluten and its treatment.

Diagnosis and treatment of allergies. Pollens, fungi, molds, dogs, horses ... and a very long etcetera.

Diagnosis and treatment of intoxications by heavy metals, dioxins, diesel, etc.

Detection and treatment of all types of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides

Diagnosis and treatment of the effects of antennas, mobile, short wave, plugs, radars, etc.

Detection and treatment of environmental toxins of all kinds. More than 214 toxins that affect us in our development.

Diagnosis and treatment of dental alterations that may be affecting the internal organs.

Diagnosis and treatment of organic disorders. Pathology review. Early warning of possible tumors.

Anti-smoking treatment



Wish to stop smoking

It is not necessary to have willpower. It is imperative to wish / want to stop smoking. There is a big difference between wanting and having to stop smoking. Many people have to stop smoking by prescription.

However, if the obligation to quit smoking adds the desire to quit smoking >, this latter power considerably the success of the treatment.

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Dr. Enrique Fernández San José

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Other Treatments at
     Perdidas de Olfato y Gusto, Síndromes Post Covid, y Post Vacunas.

-  Sensibilidad electromagnética a antenas, redes de telefonía móvil, wifis, etc...

-  Intolerancias: Trigo, lactosa, pelo de animales, etc.

-  Diagnostico y Tratamiento de metales pesados, dioxinas y tóxicos medioambientales.

-  Certificados Médicos Oficiales.